SVG Templates for Cards

Okay, so let me just start out with this disclaimer as I know there will be some who will get their panties in a bunch. THESE ARE NOT COPYRIGHTED! Phew, that out of my system.

The designs (which are original artwork) in the books are copyrighted and therefore protected. However, nobody can copyright, or patent, an existing shape such as a circle, triangle, even folder shapes. Therefore, I'm not breaking any laws here.

There is a button to the left that says SVG Templates. That will link you to where the files are and you can download them from there

Because I want these to be Cricut/SVG ready, I have removed all writing, including instructions. Therefore if you want the instructions - BUY THE BOOK :)

I have also removed the score lines on the envelopes.

And lastly, if you open a file that's titled with 3x3, you should know that it isn't necessarily going to automatically open as 3x3 in size. You will need to adjust the size in the program itself. I've kept these in the title so you know what template it is. Simply adjust the width and height of the shape within the SCAL program.

For those shapes that DO NOT have the sizes in the title, but you want to cut it the right size for the pattern, the recipes in the books have the sizes listed.

Well, I think that's everything! Please be patient with me as I work on these templates and get them listed.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!


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Thanks so much for doing this! I also found your blog from the CTMH board and am also a follower now.

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