Spring is in the air....................

...........however, I still have my paper pumpkins out.  It's time for them to be put away till next year.  I was very excited to see this new cutting file from SVGCuts.

It's exactly the motivation I need to swap out fall for spring.  Isn't is cute?

Are we there yet?

Not quite, but getting close!  I need to finish the beak on the Boomerang Bird and then I'll start on the Blue Birds.  That is my plan for the weekend.  If I can get that done, I can start sewing them on the individual blocks.  I still haven't decided if I'm going to do that by machine or by hand.  Any suggestions? 

I remade the White Egg Bird.  The original one just wasn't doing it for me. I like him much better. 

The Boomerang Bird still needs his beak sewed on but I decided to show him anyways.  I'll re-post him again when he's completely done. 

The Mighty Eagle has landed!!

It was silly of me to think I could do this project without The Boy noticing.  So I had to fess up why the Angry Birds were taking over the living room.

And he immediately requested the Mighty Eagle because, after all, "he's the best one, mom!" LOL  

I wasn't sure I was going to be successful with him, but I have to say, I think he's my favorite one so far. 

And can I just say again, how much fun it is working with felt! I love the clean lines. I've been cutting out each felt piece by hand (since I don't want to break my Cricut trying to do it that way) and then sewing them, again by hand, with a simple blanket stitch.  This is going much faster than I first anticipated. 

Happy Crafting! 

3 Down...............

Love those birds..............

The boy in our house loves blankets, especially fleece ones.  As he's grown, so has his phases.  He has had a Thomas the Tank one, Bob the Builder and Wall-E.  His newest love is Angry Birds.  But who doesn't, right?

So this year, instead of buying him one, I'm going to make it.  Here are the first two birds so far. The birds are made out of felt. I am then going to sew them on fleece squares. 

After getting started I regretted not doing this as a sew-along.  But I'm not so far along that you wouldn't be able to catch up pretty quick.  I made both of these appliques over the last two days. That includes searching down the pictures to use as a guide.

Anyone interested?  Just let me know.

Happy Crafting


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Happy Crafting!