SVG Templates for Cards

Okay, so let me just start out with this disclaimer as I know there will be some who will get their panties in a bunch. THESE ARE NOT COPYRIGHTED! Phew, that out of my system.

The designs (which are original artwork) in the books are copyrighted and therefore protected. However, nobody can copyright, or patent, an existing shape such as a circle, triangle, even folder shapes. Therefore, I'm not breaking any laws here.

There is a button to the left that says SVG Templates. That will link you to where the files are and you can download them from there

Because I want these to be Cricut/SVG ready, I have removed all writing, including instructions. Therefore if you want the instructions - BUY THE BOOK :)

I have also removed the score lines on the envelopes.

And lastly, if you open a file that's titled with 3x3, you should know that it isn't necessarily going to automatically open as 3x3 in size. You will need to adjust the size in the program itself. I've kept these in the title so you know what template it is. Simply adjust the width and height of the shape within the SCAL program.

For those shapes that DO NOT have the sizes in the title, but you want to cut it the right size for the pattern, the recipes in the books have the sizes listed.

Well, I think that's everything! Please be patient with me as I work on these templates and get them listed.

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Another H2H Challenge!

The Heart2Heart challenge this week was an "out of shape" card. I haven't done one of these challenges for a while. But I couldn't pass this one up, especially after receiving this free SVG file from SVG Cuts. The challenge was to use CTMH products and make a card any shape except a rectangle. Lots of fun!!

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Remember those "Magic" Wallet Cards?

Am I aging myself here? Remember these? If you open it one way the gift card or money is on one side. Close it and open it again and it "magically" appears on the other side. I showed this to my kids and they were wow'ed by it. I guess they've never seen them before. Are they a thing of the past? Well, as they say - everything old is new again, right?

These were super easy and fun to make. I hope my pictorial makes sense.

You'll need -

2 pieces of cardstock 3 1/4" by 5 1/2"
4 pieces of patterned paper 3 1/4" by 5 1/2"
3 pieces of ribbon cut 4" each

Lay down both pieces of cardstock side by side. In the picture I have them marked A and B. (You'll want to cover your pieces with patterned paper before laying down the ribbon)

Lay down two pieces of the ribbon on side B. Tape down (I used scotch tape) right side of the ribbon to the back of B cardstock. Next, tape down left side of the ribbon to the back of side A cardstock.

Make sense so far?

Now you'll do the same with the other ribbon. Lay it across side A cardstock. Tape the left side of the ribbon to the back of cardstock A. Next, tape the right side of the ribbon to the back of cardstock B.

Still with me?

Now flip it over and cover with the other patterned paper. Decorate the front however you wish and WaaLaa! A magic wallet card!!

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Making videos is hard!!!!

First of all, let me just say that I have a whole new respect for people who do the tutorial videos. If I had continued in my efforts, this card would not be on here till next year sometime. So I hope my pictures and explanations will make sense.

The small purple paper flowers and leaves were cut out with my Cricut and SCAL files. I then inked the edges of the flowers with Plum Purple and the edges of the leaves with Garden Green. I used a bone folder to create the "veins" in the leaves. LOVE how they turned out and will definitely be doing that a lot more.

So on to the organdy flowers. These were done with the CTMH organdy ribbon.

I've used the red thread for contrast but of course you are going to want to use the same color as your ribbon.

I use about 18" of ribbon for these flowers.

1) Bend over a small amount of ribbon to make a tail.
2) Start a simple gathering stitch
3) continue the gathering stitch all the way across, gathering it as you go
4) When you get to the end, bend over another small amount of ribbon for an end tail
5) Now slowly push ribbon up the thread to make your flower, pinching the two tails together
6) Put a couple of stitches through the two tails to hold it together and you've got a flower!

I use hot glue to attach these to my card.

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