Love those birds..............

The boy in our house loves blankets, especially fleece ones.  As he's grown, so has his phases.  He has had a Thomas the Tank one, Bob the Builder and Wall-E.  His newest love is Angry Birds.  But who doesn't, right?

So this year, instead of buying him one, I'm going to make it.  Here are the first two birds so far. The birds are made out of felt. I am then going to sew them on fleece squares. 

After getting started I regretted not doing this as a sew-along.  But I'm not so far along that you wouldn't be able to catch up pretty quick.  I made both of these appliques over the last two days. That includes searching down the pictures to use as a guide.

Anyone interested?  Just let me know.

Happy Crafting


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Wow, you did a really good job!

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